Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Day of Firsts

This was my lunch today. I bet you are jealous.

Today was a day of many "firsts"

My first official shopping trip buying "clean" food and not buying chicken nuggets, my potty-training-3-year-old had her first trip out of the house without a diaper on, and I started the first day of a 3-day detox. Quite the day!

I have to say, the shopping trip wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be. It was very strange not going up and down every isle and filling the cart with boxed/canned food...but at the checkout I sure felt happy to have so many healthy things! This week we are going to give Quinoa (KEEN-wa) a try for the first time. I've heard many good things about it, but had yet to bite the bullet and try it. So that's on the menu this week. 

We are not jumping into this clean eating with both feet, however. We are going to work our way into it...which is part of the reason for this blog. As I learn more, I want to share it here. I'll admit...I do have two bags of breaded chicken strips, two bags of tater-tots, and way too many boxes of cereal in my pantry that need to be eaten (I've been couponing)...but once those are gone they will be replaced with "clean" food! (I'm not going lie...we are going to enjoy every last tater-tot.)

Jillian's diaper free shopping trip actually happened by accident. The weather was pretty bad this morning so I decided to cancel groceries for the day, but then it let up so I changed my mind. I honestly forgot to put Jillian back in a diaper and just threw her in the car with the Aldi bags and hit the road. About half way to town I heard, "Mom, go potty!". Uh oh.

Luckily we made it...whew! But every store we went in we hit the bathrooms first, just as a precaution. And I'm happy to report that we had a successful trip with no accidents! That is, until we got home. She made it in the door and preceded to pee on the door mat...So close and yet...

So now on to my goober-green smothie pictured above. I've been stuck at a plateau for a while, thanks to the holidays, and I needed a shove. So at first I was going to try The Master Cleanse - 10-13 days of nothing but a homemade lemonade-ish drink. I hear it works great and maybe someday I will give it a shot. But that day is not today. In my excessive Pinterest pinning, I stumbled upon a 3-day detox using fruit/veggie smoothies and vitamins from Dr. Oz. So far, so good...it's just making me pee...A LOT. That's good, right?

I'll post the recipe on my Recipe page, but you can find the Dr. Oz page here.

More on the detox tomorrow....I have to go pee....again.    

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