Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

One of the issues I'm coming across with trying to eat healthier/clean is snacks. Everyday after school and/or nap time the girls want a snack. But gone are the days of Cheez-its and Doritos...and this mom is starting to run out of ideas already...So...

Jillian and I used some free time to make homemade fruit popsicles today. 

I found a picture of them on the internet, but there were no real directions. 

Basically, if you have ever used a food processor or blender, you can make this!

Pick whatever fruit you like, as long as it blends well. 

We chose Strawberries, Mango, and Kiwi.

The strawberries were frozen so that was pretty simple, just toss them in the processor!

For the kiwi, you have to peel the outside and then chop into chunks. Do the same with the mango. If you are like me and had not bought fresh mango until doing a crazy detox, then you probably have NO idea how to cut up a mango. This is where I went to figure it out: How to cut a Mango.

All chopped up and ready to blend! Sometimes you have to add a little bit of water while you are blending so the fruit doesn't get stuck. Just add little bits at a time until it is blending smoothly.

Once you are all blended, all you need is mini plastic cups and then something to use as a stick. 

This wasn't greatly planned on my part...I could have bought actual popsicle sticks...but I didn't. Toothpicks were too small, so I came up with plastic spoons! I don't know what is cheaper, but this is what I had, so it's what I used. And if you ask me, they worked great!

Set up the cups on a cookie sheet or plate and then layer the fruit in the cups however you want. I had some extra strawberries so I made two with only strawberries.

Place the spoon or stick in the middle of the fruit cup and then place in the freezer. I let them freeze for at least a couple hours. 

When they are frozen and ready to eat, run some warm water over the plastic cup to help them slide out of the cup.

And there you have it! Ready for an after school snack!

Here's the best part:

Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi Popsicle

  • 51 calories
  • 9.6 g sugar (all from the fruit)
  • 12.9 g total carbs
  • .5 g fat
 (The nutrition facts are from myfitnesspal.com)

I used:
  • 1 small bag frozen strawberries
  • 1 fresh mango
  • 4 fresh kiwi
  • mini plastic cups
  • plastic spoons 
  • made 8 layered cups and 2 strawberry cups

 Of course I waited for the taste testers to give me the official review...and they gave four thumbs up! Not to mention, they are coming up with all kinds of other fruit combinations to try!

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