Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Cut a Pepper

I saw this on a cooking show a while back. Maybe it's something that you already know, but I didn't so I figure there might be someone out there that would enjoy this kitchen tip.

We eat a lot of peppers these days. I throw the green ones in with cooking a lot of the time and then I recently got the kids eating the sweet peppers for snacks. We love the Dill Dip from Wildtree Herbs. If you want it to be clean then instead of using mayonnaise you can use "vegannaise"- the vegan counterpart. (Don't scoff, it's actually pretty good!) It's a little pricey, but we had previously cut out mayonnaise so by only using it for this dip and the occasional recipe, one jar lasts a long time. Anyway, with some of the Dill Dip, my girls eat veggies like they are candy. Win!

Usually when I cut up peppers, I cut around the stem with a small knife and then try to pull the core out. It works, but it leaves seeds all over the inside and can be messy.

Then I saw this method and when I tried it, it worked wonderfully!

Slice off the top and bottom of the pepper.

Using a small knife, cut around the core separating it from the meat of the pepper.

Pull the core and all of the seeds (hopefully still attached) out of the pepper.

Toss the core and it's time to slice!

Cut in half and then slice or chop away.

That's it! Pretty easy and no seed mess.

Now get some Dill Dip and let your kids go to town.


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